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Main Grounds Map with Location Names

Why are there two locks on the gate? – One of the locks is owned by the electric utility that provides power to our grounds. The other lock is owned by BRG. By interlocking the lock shackles as shown below, the electric utility can gain access to their equipment that is located inside the fence without having to contact a BRG/HCARC member.

How do I properly lock the gate? – Please interlock the shackles of each lock as shown below. That way the electric utility can simply unlock their lock to gain access to the grounds to service their equipment.

Another nice gesture - Note that in the image above the name of the lock is facing out toward the highway. Orienting the lock this way when you lock up will make it easy for the next person to enter the combination because the numbers will be “right side up” when you grab the lock to enter the code.

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